You’ve done your research, now you want to take it one step further. Making a big purchase can be scary, so we want to walk you through the process of what it looks like to go through with your ductless system purchase and installation.

The most crucial step in your purchase process is finding a dealer near you. By clicking this link and typing in your zip code, you can find local dealers that are recognized ductless experts you can trust. Once you find a dealer in your area, the website will direct you to a form to fill out. This will give the dealer more information about the space you wish to heat or cool to better serve you.

Once the dealer gets in touch, you can expect to talk through the details of your space, budget, and the problems you want to solve with your ductless system. Your dealer will then be able to guide you through the decision making process and determine which unit, or units, will be best for your home or commercial space.

Lastly comes the installation of your new heating and cooling system. Our dealers make sure the process is as quick and smooth as possible. The “ductless” portion of a system makes installation a breeze and minimally disruptive. This way, you can sleep at night knowing there is no patching or repainting required. Once installed, your ductless system begins doing its job, just like that.

If you’ve finally made the decision to upgrade to a ductless split system, click this link to get the purchase process started. Our experts look forward to hearing from you soon.