Unless you have a fitness space in your home, you may be choosing to convert your garage, basement, or spare bedroom into your very own home gym. This may leave you sweating more than you should during the warmer months. Discover how a ductless split system is beneficial for your fitness space!

Depending on the layout of your home, your gym may not have the space for a big A/C unit. With ductless split systems, you can choose which out-of-the-way placement is best for your space, such as a High Wall Indoor Unit (shown right) or our Cassette Indoor Unit.

One of the biggest benefits of a ductless system is individualized temperature control. No matter how hot or cold the rest of your home is, you can set the desired temperature without having to worry about affecting other spaces.

Whether you’re someone that exercises every day or once a week, you can choose when your ductless system is running. If your gym gets used often, your ductless unit includes an inverter compressor that continuously adjusts heating or cooling capacities to keep your temperature steady. If you use your gym sparingly, save energy by turning off your unit between uses.

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