Spare bedrooms come in handy when you need them to be, but can often go unused for weeks or months at a time. If this is the situation in your home, you may be wasting both money and energy on a rarely used space. Discover why a ductless split system is your solution to comfort throughout your entire home.

Why is a ductless system beneficial for a spare bedroom?

One major benefit, if not the major benefit, is customized comfort. When you install a ductless split system into your spare bedroom, you can choose when to heat or cool that individual space. Perhaps you have guests in town for the weekend or kids home from college. In situations like these, simply power on your ductless system, set to the desired temperature, and your ductless split system will continuously adjust to meet your heating or cooling needs.

If your spare bedroom has recently been converted into a home office, nursery, entertainment space, etc., it may be getting more use now than it used to. As your spare room may have been unused for weeks, months, or even years, no one likes working or sleeping in an uncomfortable space. By installing a ductless unit, you can set the temperature to your liking without affecting the rest of your home.

Our High Wall Indoor Unit specifically offers unique benefits for a bedroom. With its overhead placement and quiet performance, you won’t have to worry about being inconvenienced or disrupted. It even includes an occupancy sensor that can direct airflow toward or away from a person in that room. How’s that for customized comfort?

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