There is often confusion when it comes to the difference between a ductless system and a standard window unit, or even a portable air conditioner. These systems are far from synonymous, as there are major discrepancies that you should be aware of before purchasing, including price, placement, sound performance, and more.


Although ductless split systems are priced higher than window air conditioners, they are a much greater investment and provide stable home comfort for longer than a window unit. Depending on factors such as the size of your home, the amount of units purchased, the unit series, etc., you will be spending within the four digit range for your new HVAC system. Many units also include advanced features, such as a temperature-sensing handheld remote, a sensor for humidity, built-in WiFi, an occupancy sensor that can direct airflow toward or away from a specific person, and more.


Whether you purchase a high wall or ducted unit, you won’t have to worry about compromising space or making room by eliminating furniture. This heating and cooling solution will provide out-of-the-way comfort that blends right into your overhead space. On the contrary, window units are easily noticeable as you have limited choice for placement.

Multi-zone split systems are also an option, allowing you to heat or cool multiple spaces throughout your home or commercial space. This is helpful for rooms without windows such as basements, garages, etc., giving you complete comfort control of every room!


Unlike ductless split systems, window air conditioners can be easily removed, leaving your window open and accessible. If your space is located on ground level, a ductless system will keep your space cool without compromising your safety.


As many would consider one of the greatest benefits of a ductless system, ductless systems have extremely low sound performance. As their heating and cooling capacities fluctuate to maintain your room’s temperature, you’ll barely even know they’re running. Unfortunately, window units are often noisy as they kick on and off throughout your day or night. Ductless split systems are your solution to quiet, calm temperature control.


Window units are easy to self-install and operate, as they are a portable solution for your heating and cooling needs. Installation of a ductless split system will require the help of a dealer near you, which can be found by clicking this link. Installation of your ductless system avoids disruption of your home and is made hassle-free by our dealers!

For other questions or concerns, contact your local dealer to learn more about how a ductless system can benefit your home or commercial space. These feature-rich systems are the next step up from your traditional heating and cooling systems, providing long-lasting comfort and temperature control.