Before purchasing your next heating and cooling system, you should be aware of the many unique features that mini splits include. These benefits set ductless systems apart from more traditional HVAC systems and help deliver consistent temperature control within your home.

Inverter Compressor

The inverter compressor within a ductless split system makes sure you are achieving maximum comfort by continuously adjusting heating and cooling capacities. Without even being aware of it, your system is ensuring that your desired temperature is kept steady and consistent. No more fighting with the thermostat!


Wi-fi in a heating and cooling system? Crazy, we know, but HVAC experts believe in the most advanced form of temperature control whether you’re home or not. Ductless split systems have a built-in Wi-Fi connection, giving you temperature control from virtually anywhere. No more coming home to a cold house or an overheated office! Ensure your temperature is where you want it to be from the palm of your hand.

Occupancy Sensor

Ductless systems’ occupancy sensors detect when someone is in the room and can actually direct airflow toward or away that specific person. This feature takes customizable comfort to a whole new level.

Relative Humidity Sensor

A few of the more advanced units also provide the option to customize the humidity level for more comfortable air within your space.

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